About Us



Our Profile
Marina Fachri Supply is a Bunker Supplier and Trader  in Indonesia . We are the first bunkering company, based in Jakarta. We supply the best quality product of Pertamina Oil in all Indonesian Ports. We never compromise with our quality, as we proud of our Pertamina ( STATE-OWNED  ENTERPRISE ), World-Class the best Oil.

Our People
Our people are experienced, knowledgeable, and resourceful. Worked closely with Pertamina and legally Bunkering Agent in each ports. Managed by Mr. Muhammad Fachri, a professional business man in bunkering who understand the road map of bunkering since 1995 until the present.

Our Products
Our products are Pertamina (Marine Fuel Oil) MFO 180 cst & 380 cst, Pertamina (Marine Gas Oil) MGO with ISO 8207

Our Location
Our location bunker supply are operated in all major Indonesian ports, such as :
Jakarta, Surabaya, Makassar/ Ujung Pandang, Belawan,Tanjung Mas – Semarang, Padang, Ambon, Cigading/Merak, Tanjung Intan – Cilacap, Bali – Benoa ,Gresik,Cirebon, Kupang, Sebuku – Banjarmasin – Port Trisakti, Kota Baru – Banjarmasin, Panjang – Lampung, Tanjung Pemancingan – Banjarmasin, Taboneo – Banjarmasin, Pare – Pare – Makassar,  Muara Jawa – Samarinda, Balikpapan – Adang Bay, Tanjung Redep, Tarakan, Bunyu Island,Jambi, Batu Licin – Banjarmasin, Trisakti – Banjarmasin,  Sorong, Ciwandan , Bitung & Plaju.

Our Edge
We will try to quote the best competitive price to you. We are at your services for twenty four hours.

Quality and Velocity. Two words which drive us to excel in our profession and provide highest level   of customer satisfaction. The trademark of Marine Fachri Bunker precedes its reputation:

  • 24 hour turnaround in client servicing and provision of bunker
  • Strategic understanding of business and industry through constant delivery and company’s information center
  • Key partnerships and value-added services related to Bunkering industry

Our Operation

As every clients is diverse, and every client has different needs, Marina Fachri Supply focuses intensely into the services. Through understanding of quantity, price, location and time, we tailor our efforts and add value to bridge the services. With our industry knowledge and experience under our belt, Marina Fachri Supply has placed the products to some of the most successful companies in the industry.

Below is our four-step methodology:

  • Targeted Nomination from Trader/ Owner
  • Targeted the products, quantity, quality, location, time and price
  • Supplying Products
  • Closure

For the additional of our Best services, we provide some information:

  • We can facilitate soft credit. (Conditions apply )
  • We can deliver by barge or truck.(Sometime by pipe)
  • We supply both on flow meter under lisence from PERTAMINA regulation (On our customers’ demands.)
  • Our principle features is to supply full amount of oil to the nominated vessel.(that amount is fixed with our clients)
  • Our sample is MARPOL Annex VI standard.

END RESULT: Successful supplying Products in the best quality and services